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Cidade & Sociedade: As tramas da prática e seus espaços (Sulina, Brazil)

Drawing upon a number of disciplines, this book brings a meticulously prepared conceptual apparatus to rethink fundamental elements of everyday research and practice: the increasingly complex relationships between our individual and collective bodies and the spaces of places and flows that shape and are shaped by our interactions.










capa_urbanidades_finalUrbanidades. (Folio Digital, Brazil)

Spatiality is the gravitas around which the social orbits and urban life pulsates, the place where they inhabit and converge – their anchorage. But what about urbanity? Is urbanity an expression of this game and of these pulsations? Or is it the very essence of the urban? Would it manifest itself among actors or would it exist out there, imprinted on the spatialities in which we live?

“Urbanity” is a property that addresses the heart of urban life and its conditions. It seems as elusive and difficult to understand as the city itself (and how could it be different?). By its evocative power, it seems to invite the construction of concepts that correspond to the qualities and aspects that we recognize in the city, while at the same time it seems to tenaciously resist efforts of definition.

One of the aims of this book is to bring to the public results of an explicit confrontation between a diversity of approaches – from the phenomenological and cybernetic to ontological, morphological, and sociological readings. The book brings a discussion of possibilities to capture urbanity theoretically and methodologically – and the very possibility of its understanding.