Convergence of performances


Vinicius M. Netto [Urban Studies, UFF]

Julio C. Vargas [Transport Systems, UFRGS]

Renato T. Saboya [Planning, Urban Studies, UFSC]

Andrea Kern [Engineering, Unisinos]

Philipp Rode [City Design, Sustainability, LSE]

Caio Cacholas, Julia Cantarino, Maria Clara Moreira [Urban Studies, UFF]


A number of approaches have brought advances in understanding forms and levels of impact of urban morphology on sets of processes that seem to exceed their own local territorial limits. Such processes are usually recognized as dimensions of urban performance, and include social, microeconomic and environmental dimensions with potential systemic implications at larger scales. Research and findings on these levels have been mostly isolated from one another. Therefore, they miss the possibility of investigating an intriguing idea: the convergence of performances of architectural and urban morphologies in different dimensions.


This joint research project aims to explore precisely this idea, bringing together different dimensions of performance into an integrated approach, and develop an integrated platform for a multidimensional analysis of urban performance.


The hypothesis of different degrees of convergence of performances of architectural types is developed in Chapter 7 “The Social Effects of Architecture” in The Social Fabric of Cities



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