Architecture and the Sidewalk Ballet

A short film about the effects of the buildings in the life of neighbourhoods and cities. Informative and poetic, it is a celebration of the encounter in the public space, and an exploration of the role of architecture in its creation.

The documentary aims to translate research findings to a larger audience – and does so also non-discursively.

Beautifully directed by Nina Tedesco, the film has an original soundtrack composed by Pedro Drummond, intended to grasp the abstraction of current architecture and the experience of isolation and loneliness in neighbourhoods shaped by a certain architectural model.

[with subtitles | 15 min]






Production team

Conception: Vinicius M. Netto

Director: Nina Tedesco

Producer: Vivian Malusá

Screenplay: Bruno Passeri

Director of Photography: Vitor Novaes

Original soundtrack: Pedro Drumond

Editor: Tauana Carlier

Animations: Daniel Sake

Drawings: Daniel Pitta

Digital drawings: Caio Cacholas

Bordados: Jamile Chalupe

Colorista: William Condé

Actors: Danielle Fritzen, Leonardo Simões, Maria Curi, Maria do Nascimento e Tunico Amancio

Executive producer: Hadija Chalupe